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The Awful state of new housing

The story in the press at the moment about the pcso who was incorrectly suspected of running a drugs factory rather sums up both the awful state of new housing in the UK and the profligate way that people heat their homes!

Its July, a police helicopter with an infra red camera detects a house emitting exceptionally high levels of heat, so much they think it is a cannabis factory!

bbc article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cambridgeshire/7532503.stm

But no, its a new house with crummy roof insulation and a resident who has the heating turned up in the middle of the summer!

David Wilson Homes have stated that the insulation fully complies with their obviously extremely low standards – from the bbc The firm which built the house said it complies with “all relevant standards”. the house is 4 years old so won’t legally need to comply with the recent upgrades to the levels of loft insulation. Are David Wilson Homes actually saying that they only work to the minimum legal requirements? Surely a developer marketing a house as one of the eco-homes, or of any standard should aim to go way beyond the minimum!

David Bell, managing director for David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: “All David Wilson homes are built to the highest specification and in accordance with all energy efficiency legislation and regulations.

Next time we have snow, have a look at the new housing developments. In Sittingbourne it was clear that the new homes, actually on housing estates still being built, lost their roof snow before the older houses.

And another thing. Its summer, we might not have the same temperatures that might be found in Southern Europe but there is no need to have the heating on, certainly not to the point that the house stands out as a hot spot!

This simple story really shows the dire straights we are in. Greedy developers and a public for all their statements about caring for the environment really don’t care!

Sad isn’t it.


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  1. I’m not surprised to hear a bad story about David Wilson Homes as it is clear to me that this is a company who have cheapened how they build their houses.
    We bought a new build in 2000 which I watched them build and was thouroughly delighted with the quality.
    When we moved to a different part of the UK last year (2007) we bought a 2003 build David Wilson house expecting a similar standard.
    On moving in and living with the property we found lots of ‘snags’ whichi you just don’t see when viewing a property. Doorways are not lined up centrally in hallways, walls on either side of a feature window are not parallel so you cannot fix a curtain rail to both sides, tiling is all crooked with lots of missing grout and to cap it all we now find that an upstairs window was not properly sealed into the house when it was built so we have a leak under certain weather conditions. On contacting both DWH and Zurich insurance thay are at pains to point out they are not liable – DWH because the house in >2yrs and Zurich because the 10yr cover does not include windows.
    The real culpret is DWH – they cannot build a house properly. lots of neighbours have issues as well but i think we got the worst.
    I know the lessons are to make sure snagging is thorough when you buy new and really look carefully when buying later but this really shows a lack of pride by DWH.

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