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The EU is Bottling out of its CO2 Reduction Commitment!

The EU is about to anounce that half of the commitment to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020 can be made up with carbon offsets!

Shame on the EU and its constituant governments, all those fine words devoted to showing how committed they were to the environment and the future of the planet, our children’s future seem to be for nothing!

It seems that rather than have a policy that states “We will have a 20% cut in Emissions by 2020” What they are now going to say is “We are going to give some money to some 3rd world country and ask them to promise not to emit too much CO2”. Then all we have to do is cut emissions by 10%, which is an easier number to lie about and then claim its 20% becuase we think our voters are stupid enough to believe us!

So, rather than actually doing what they had committed to, they are going to set up some administrative smoke and mirrors where they can claim to have cut emissions while feeding our taxpayers money to some tin pot corrupt dictator.

Shame on the lot of them!

From the bbc “Stavros Dimas told BBC News that governments should be able to achieve more than half of their target carbon cuts by paying developing countries to invest in clean energy projects on their behalf.”

Can you imagine the likes of Churchill in 1940 saying, “well, its a bit awkward fighting the Nazi’s at the moment, we’ll promise not to fight them for a bit, if they do likewise.”   And then returning with a piece of paper?

We need brave peope leading us, not this gutless rabble!

See: My comments on Carbon Offsetting – bbc Money Box

Report on corruption within the UN’s Carbon Offsetting programme

Is Your Couch a Carbon Offset?


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