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New Wind Turbine Installed!

My New Turbine

Over the weekend I installed my 1st wind turbine and its hardly stopped spinning with the little orange flashing light that says its charging, flashing away!

Wednesday saw the parts arrive, the aim is to have two wind turbines mounted on scaffold poles which in turn are braced to a scaffold tower that sits on 4 concrete pads, the tower is tied down by 6mm steel braid. The tower has been up for some time, its even on Google earth, to see if there were any complaints – in fact I don’t think anybody can see it.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent assembling the 1st turbine and setting up the electronics. The electronics were to sit in an outside weather proof unit next to the tower. The simplest weather proof box turned out to be a garden tool box from Wickes, the electronics fitted in perfectly and the box sits bolted down to a concrete plinth.

Saturday, a day of no wind, was spent getting everything ready for the installation of the turbine.

Installing the turbine.

After assembling the turbine, this was bolted to a 10 foot scaffold pole which we were going to raise as a whole unit so the pole in turn sat on top of another scaffold pole making a single pole some 20 or so foot high.

Scaffold poles are not light, the more so with a wind turbine on top! I had set up the installation so that apart from the point where we stood the 1st pole (with turbine) vertical, everything was sufficiently braced that it could all be let go and wouldn’t fall on anybody. Helpers were warned that their fingers were more important than getting things fitted quickly.

With pole resting on the side of the tower, Geoff pushing from below, me pulling from the top and Dominic feeding cables, we raised the pole and turbine up into position so that it could slot into the bracket making a single long pole with turbine on top.

With the wind now picking up the race was on to attach the turbine cable to the electronics, the intructions said that it mustn’t run without a load! Fortunately I won the race, though I will have to tidy up the cables once the wind drops!

So, from Sunday the 20th, my carbon footprint has gone down a tiny bit more, and once the second turbine is up I’ll be close to carbon neutral on electricity!

The wind turbines are from Future Energy, the build quality seemed to be excellent and all went together very easily.  What is worth really emphasising is that though the turbine comes in a manageble and not too heavy pair of boxes, once it is assembled it is heavy and awkward. Then when it is on the pole ready for installation it is big, unwieldy and even heavier. It is vital to think safety first at all times, keep the kids away and think of ways that even if everybody lets go, it doesn’t come crashing down!

And its Windy

The perfectly still day started to get blustery as the turbine was raised, we got it up and wired in just as the breeze turned into wind with a bit of energy behind it and its been breezy, windy and blustery ever since! The turbine has been spinning and away from the property boundary, not a sound, even downwind! But I will have to deal with a few rattles from the scaffold tower

Next Step

Installing turbine Number two on the diagonally opposite point of the tower


4 Responses

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  2. dear Solarkent

    May you help me. how to install power cable from wind turbine through pole of tower untill power panel so the cabel doesn’t twist or break inside the pipe of tower. Usually caused by over turning of the neck of wind turbine toward the wind direction.


    Yosep vidi

  3. Hi Yosep

    The wind turbine I have used – Future Energy – has this worked out. The bit that slides over and is fixed to the pole incorporates a slip ring so the cable never twists. What I connect to is two wires coming out of the bit that will remain static. My challenge is making sure the join is going to last for the next 20 or so years. Have a look at http://www.futureenergy.co.uk

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