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My Wind Turbine – Lessons

1st wind turbine is up and I have assembled the second ready to install.

Lots of images here: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/solarkent

The delay in installing No.2 is twofold, too much wind at the time I’m able and have able and willing helpers, and I ran out of cable! I’ve also gone through the installation with an electrical engineer asking for some hints, in particular with regard to the wiring. This has to last a good few years either on its current position or moved to an alternative pole(s).

Most important is where the supplied cable is exposed to the elements, the cable I am using that is supplied by Future Energy should be covered. Where it runs inside the scaffold pole this is fine and is clearly the correct cable, however on my installation I have it coming out of the pole at a joint about 10 foot up. Then it is strapped to the scaffold tower in the open before it reaches the container where the electrics live.

The revised plan is to install a junction box at the point where the cable leaves the scaffold pole and then run armoured cable from that point. This will be Tri-Rated cable with the plan being the equivalent of the 10mm Tri-Rated armoured cable that has been supplied.

Once all the bits are there, the rest is easy, but: Where to get the cable, what is the precise definition, outside junction box, glands etc. And not too expensive! I’ve got an Electrical Engineer giving me advice so that ultimately all will be correct and compliant with any electrical laws.

See my earlier blog when I installed  Wind Turbine No.1


4 Responses

  1. Hello Solarkent,

    I am a big fan of blogs about cable, being a blogger myself (www.reellifeofcable.blogspot.com). I also work for a company called Eland Cables who can help answer all your questions and get wind turbine 2 up and blowing!

    We are really keen to support projects of an environmental nature and our technical team is always on hand to offer advice and guidance where needed.

    Please feel free to give us a call or email me directly and I will ensure you are put in touch with the appropriate technical advisor.

    Good luck with the project.

  2. Awesome project. I wonder how much power you hope to generate?

  3. Hi Jackie

    I’ve just placed an order with Eland for cable that is a bit more suited to the external part of the cable run along with some glands – now to find a suitable weather proof box! Once I have cable, glands and box (should be the easier bit) I’ll post some comments on how all this went together.

    What is clearly missing with regard to the growth in wind turbine installations, especially self install such as this is simple guidance on what cable to use where, how to join it, how to make the joins weather proof where necessary, where to get the cable, glands, etc at an affordable cost at what point Part P is relevant. eg. If I have a fully wired up system that is then connected to my mains through a 13 amp plug I don’t seem to have to worry about Part P (apart from the wiring to the socket) , if I hard wire it it seems the whole system is subject.
    If I then get an electrician to install the lot, then my cost benefit goes through the floor. Having a post install inspection makes sense, as in this case, my interest is energy and safety, not bureaucracy.

  4. Great information thanks heaps

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