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E.on and my OWL Energy Meter

My record of energy use over the last couple of years

My record of energy use over the last couple of years

My e.on account records my energy use on a month by month basis.   April is when I bought an OWL energy meter!

The energy use is generally low for my property as during the summer (mostly) I have solar PV. I have just installed Wind so next year should show a further month by month reduction.

Realistically, All we are doing with the OWL is using it as a reminder to go round switching things off at night. There is more to do, but I expect my consumption to go up again as I am looking at getting an Air Source Heat Pump. Certainly cheaper to run than the oil system I currently have.  That, along with triple glazing should mean that next year we are warm!

OWL’s website


One Response

  1. Energy Tracker not so good!
    Moving in to the new year, although the previous years data is transferred and visible so you can see how the new year data compares, the year before is deleted!
    It appears that e.on do not have the technology to show more than two years data.
    Also, the facility to monitor energy use by submitting meter readings online is a bit sad. Only 3 readings per month may be entered. So being responsible and keeping a regular tally of meter readings is rewarded by a system that refuses to accept any more data.
    This is balanced by e.on demanding readings – helpfully suggesting that one uses the now non-working online facility!

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