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Solar Scammers still going strong

I’ve just read the Which? report on Solar Water heating and overcharging and rotten service on the fringes of the Solar Industry is still going strong.

Which? has done an exposé which includes Everest Double Glazing’s sales techniques and prices, Which? state that Everest came close to breaking the law if not actually breaking it.

While so many Solar installers are quoting around £4,000 and providing an excellent service, Everest was quoting £11,000 with a special discount down to £8,500 for an immediate sign up.

Solar panels or vacuum tube systems bought from a reputable company should cost in the region of £4,000 for an average house! If you are asked for any more than this without a solid reason, you are being ripped off!

There is a summary of the report here: http://www.solar-and-renewable-energy.co.uk/solar%20water%20heating/solarscams.asp which has a link to the full article.

A video of the sales techniques can be seen here: http://www.solar-and-renewable-energy.co.uk/solar%20water%20heating/solarscams.asp

On the Everest website there is the statement:

are built to strict European standards and our exclusive specifications

In fact, if within 7 days of ordering from us, you find a lower price for solar panels designed, made and installed to the same specifications and with the same guarantees, we’ll refund the difference.”

Note: “designed, made and installed to the same specifications and with the same guarantees” So, they say the specifications are exclusive to them, then ask you to find the same system as a comparison ….  do you really think you will be able to find exactly the same system?  To my mind this so called guarantee is meaningless, it also assumes the customer is stupid!

These are the same techniques that have been seen from SmartEnergy and Solar Technic, both told by the Trading Standards Authority to tidy up their act.  

If you have had a price quoted for a solar installation, both good or bad, please tell me. Any experiences such as Name of company, initial price, discounted sign up now price  would be great.


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