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Water Use, Should it be That high?

If you go to the Energy Saving Trusts website, they now have a water saving calculator. Actually I’m not really sure what the point was apart perhaps from having a whizzy flash animated thing. It must have cost a fortune!

Anyway, this will tell you how much your water bill is along with how much energy you use heating it. Actually, as with most people I get a water bill so I already know what my water use and cost is.     


The site, having told me my water bill was £469 then suggested changes that would save me £50.  In fact my water bill is near enough £160 which indicates I have already made savings of £300. ie that is what can be done. Perhaps the EST is risking promoting the idea that water bills of £400 +  are acceptable?  To my mind that level of water use is incredible! 

This is what I sent back to EST. 

I’ve just done your water use / energy calculator filling it in as accurately as possible, my overall cost came out as £512 (£469 for water). In fact, my water bill is closer to £160 per year. While I have water saving and energy saving systems that you don’t mention in your survey and results, I am still inclined to think your calculator is incorrect. Downstairs toilet is flushed with greywater (from upstairs bath). Upstairs loo is flushed on an ad-hoc basis by bucket from bath water left in bath. Total water butt (IBC) water storage grey and rainwater is about 10 cubic metres, but most rainwater storage goes to top up the pond. Water is heated during summer with solar panels. If the water use calculator is accurate and matches ‘normal’ use, then my experince is that the potential savings can be measured in £100s not £10s. My investment in greywater re-use has been minimal, perhaps as little as £150 (which includes the cost of the bucket) but largely paid back within a year.


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