Environmentally friendly – the greenwash continues!

” New Army’s HQ Land Forces base is opened in Andover” bbc news story as below.


Towards the end of the article: “The new headquarters’ buildings provide a modern working environment that is more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.” Note the term Environmentally friendly.


Those in married quarters will remain in Wilton and commute to the new workplace 20 miles (32km) away. The Army has arranged “assisted transport” for those who do not drive.

And there are 2,000 of them, many who will have moved to live near their existing place of work, I  wonder if staff commuting and availability of local accomodation was ever considered. It makes a complete mockery of the term environmentally friendly!

I suffered the same foolishness when working for the Foreign Office. Living in Kent and commuting by train to London, (as everybody in the department did) I, along with everybody was re-located to a site near Milton  Keynes, right out in the middle of the countryside, everybody had to commute by car a significant distance.

Again, the environmental and cost saving claims were no more than greenwash and foolishness. All it meant was the FO could sell an expensive London office, sod everything else!

With regard to the new environmentally friendly offices. No mention of solar or wind?


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