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Smart Meters, not the panacea they thought they would be!

Smart meters ‘may not cut energy use’
Installing smart meters may not result in households saving energy, a study has suggested.

This is reported on the bbc website. I suppose a chicken and egg problem:
I am given a smart meter and therefore am expected to monitor consumption and change habits.

I want to monitor consumption and change habits, the best way is with a smart meter!

So which way is the Govt going to introduce smart meters? It will be just like the recycling shambles, rather than iinviting people to volunteer and starting with success, they will be shoved down people’s throats, use them or we’ll make you suffer!

If the Govt want to do more than pay lip service to saving the environment and money (and handing out tasty contracts to friends and family) the energy charging process needs a complete overhaul. Rather than the current system where energy is cheaper the more is used, make it more expensive the more is used. Then no need for FITs, saving energy is as important as generating renewable.

Renewable and self generated energy should be the logical choice without artificial FITs.


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