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How would I reach the Government’s new target?

The Government has declared a new target of 50% reduction in CO2 based on 1990’s figures by the year 2027.

This risks driving out industry to relocate to countries with laxer standards and the result being higher levels of CO2 generated – though not associated with the UK so DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) can claim a level of success when in fact more damage is being done.

We need to take real action that on the one hand isn’t an accounting exercise, but equally doesn’t damage industry, without which there is no money and we all go hungry.

The 1st thing to do is get away from the obsession with electricity as representing the only form of energy. There is far more energy saved per unit of investment through insulation than all the clever ways of generating electricity. Our houses are in a sorry state, not only that, but energy is so cheap relatively speaking that most people couldn’t care to save it.

I remember the news item about 2 years ago where a new house was raided because its thermal signature was so high!  Incredible! It shows the shoddy construction of new houses. Bring in better building controls which demand decent insulation and we might get somewhere, then work through the existing stock to upgrade, not to modern standards which are shoddy, but to a decent standard of insulation.

Let people know how well they are doing, thermal imaging cameras in the winter will show which houses are losing heat and where, then help people fix it.

Here’s and opportunity for D. Cameron’s big society, give the task to friends of the earth and fund them, though keep control of the looney’s.

Glass skyscrapers, what do they think they are doing? A greenhouse in the sky, the amount of energy required to cool them is huge, and for what benefit? Actually it boils down to vanity, Norman Foster and his like should be ashamed of themselves.

Then look at water heating. I could cover my roof with solar PV and it still would struggle to provide enough energy to heat my hot water, but a couple of panels of solar water heater and job done! But I am paid an inordinate amount to generate a small amount of electricity while there is little or no subsidy for solar water heating. Okay RHI is about to be introduced but it is still totally out of balance in respect of saving carbon.


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