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DECC makes a brave decision

DECC – The Department for Energy and Climate Change has confirmed that large-scale solar PV is not for the UK. They have reduced the incentive to 8.5p per kWh  which means just about all the planned multi mega watt solar farms will not go ahead.  This is great news and means that the limited funds available through DECC will go to the smaller investor and not the city institutions who are after little more than a load of money.

What this will mean is that solar schemes will invariably be limited to roofs, which are dead space with no other use than keeping the things and people below, dry and warm.

It also means the solar scheme will almost certainly be installed close to where the power generated will be used, thus reducing transmission losses and limiting the need to upgrade the local power transmission lines.

And it means that those who are paying the higher bills that pay for the Feed in Tariffs will have more of an opportunity to benefit, not the bankers in the city.

I really struggle to understand why the solar industry is so upset, the Govt have not reduced the available cash at all, there will almost certainly be just as many installations, it’s just kept it out of the hands of the larger players.


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