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Comparison between RESTATS and Renewables Map

With the tender offer for the provision of the Renewable Energy Project Database, they gave out stats about the usage of their system. Well, if you can make head or tail of them, then you are better (wo)man than I am (I’m being PC). If anything it shows a poor approach to the collection and promotion of data.  Not giving a time-frame makes the data all but meaningless.

See DECC / AEA Ricardo’s statistics

RESTATS (then run by AEA Ricardo, now run by Eunomia) quote for “Renewable Energy Maps” is 385 page views.

They do not say whether this is per hour, day, week or month. Elsewhere within an answers to questions, they are using per month figures, so I  guess this is per month, but it might not be.

Renewables Map (www.renewables-map.co.uk) on an average day gets over 1,000 page views, from 300 to 350 visitors,

Over an average month, there are about 7,000 distinct visitors, with 25,000 page views.

(from October 2014 this has increased to 10,000 unique visitors looking at 30,000 pages)

I am excluding Search Engines updating their database, these are real people looking at real data.

So, for Map / project enquiries, “Renewables Map” gets between 60 to 70 times more (from October 2014, a good 100 times more) use than the official Government version.

Looking at stats for ALL pages on the RESTATS website, they quote  11,890 page views, which rather reinforces this as a per month value.  (Google Webmasters analysis says that Renewables Map gets visited by 10% of ALL people doing searches for this type of renewable energy information).

Going back to the 11,890 page views – that’s for all parts of DECC’s presentation of information about renewable energy projects. Renewables Map gets over 25,000 page views!

It would be great if Eunomia (who are regular visitors to Renewables map, maybe this is where they get their data??) could give some usable stats on the use of the RESTATS site. I think it will be a bit too depressing to make it public?


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  1. Hi Simon, I have just come across your renewables map which I am most impressed by. I would like to bring you up to date with work I am doing in radio to use the power of media to help in the transition to a more sustainable economy with a particular focus on renewable energies. I would love to talk to you to see if there is a way we could incorporate your excellent map into our current activity (with full credit to you of course.) I look forward to hearing from you. All best wishes Debbie Hyde, Co-founder Media for Good.

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