Planning update March 2015

Solar energy: protecting the local and global environment.

See: Written statement to Parliament: Planning update March 2015

The latest planning update will be welcome news for: solar installers;office; warehouse and Factory owners and people trying to protect the local green fields.

Permitted development for solar on roofs now goes from 4kw to 80kw.  What that means is that a building owner with a large and suitable roof for solar can simply phone up a solar installer and have it fitted, ideally with an associated FIT scheme registration.

A 4kw system generally uses 20 solar panels, each generating about 0.2 kw and covering a total of 15 to 20 square metres depending on how they are positioned.

Now we can have 400 panels covering 400 square metres! A decent sized farm barn.

With what looks like a shift towards many 80kw systems there is likely to be fewer larger scale systems installed.

So, how to deal with this on Renewables Map which has generally focused on 1MW systems and above?   Not sure yet.


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