How on earth to get some support?

Well, Renewables Map is now about to support the Dusk till Dawn air event. Its being regularly used by all universities and in an increasing number of PhDs and degree projects, all the major energy companies use it, as does the bbc and other media including  such as Bloomberg, Associated Newspapers, Just about every Council, schools, industrials and of course I get the “consultancies” trying to data mine.

I think it not unreasonable to write to them for support, certainly when they email to praise the service, often following the praise with: and can you send me all your data.

Here’s an example from Ecotricity / Ecotricity Group Ltd –  “Hello, Thanks so much – this is a great resource! Would the information be available to download at all? It would be much appreciated. Kind regards, ” an ideal opportunity to reply with a hint that maybe a bit of support might be in order. NO RESPONSE from Ecotricity.  Later a direct approach, again NO RESPONSE!

The same for Bloomberg:

Good day Simon,
I am a researcher with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a premier data, news and analytics provider to the renewable energy sector.
We are currently updating our global database of all projects and investments in the clean energy sector. We have found that your data coverage of the UK market will help us accurately update our projects database, thus we would like to request permission to use the data as well as any derivatives of the data.
Please refer to the following link:
This information will be utilized by senior decision makers in the clean energy sector and we would therefore like to provide accurate information regarding the United Kingdom’s renewable energy sector.
Should you need any clarity regarding my request please feel free to email me.
I did email, including a suggestion – very polite – that maybe they might support Renewables Map. NO RESPONSE.
For heavens sake Bloomberg, the price you charge for your data terminals, you will be selling my data and you expect a free service from me. You are taking the mickey!
Siemens, Vestas, Ainscough Cranes, National Grid,  the list goes on.
The biggest council user, my own council, Kent County Council, when approached, well after a great many emails being ignored, finally I get a response saying that they don’t use Renewables Map, they use DECC.  NO YOU DON’T! You use Renewables Map, almost on a daily basis.
Scottish Power, well read my blog entry on Scottish Power about a month ago. Being the biggest user I happened to write to them asking for a contribution. Well done SP, they replied, but said that they had their own resource. Coincidentally I get an email from Scottish Power telling me they are relying on my dataset to populate their internal resource!  You couldn’t make it up!
So, as in other cases I mark their IP to divert to a page asking for assistance. The result, well have a look at the Scottish Power access record and you can see a concerted attempt to crash Renewables Map.  Have a look at 26/05/2015, about 3,000 key-presses. Clearly somebody is frustrated at not being able to data mine and wanted to damage Renewables Map..
A note to Scottish Power. You are a global power with £billions of turnover. I have had a single donation of £50 in 8 years and sold sets of data to a total of about £800 to very nice companies who have had the professionalism to ask and pay.
Eunomia who got the contract to provide a competing “renewable energy database and map for DECC, yes, they try to data-mine.  DECC used to use Renewables Map as if it was their resource, I bid to provide it officially, no, I wasn’t even considered. So where is DECC’s map?  They are paying Eunomia up to £160K for that service.  I provide Renewables Map for free.
Other requests for data, they are very very welcome and I bend over backwards to support them, PhD students, schools, private individuals, voluntary organisations, all get it free and my only request is often just a citation or link.  And these are the overwhelming number of users who actively support Renewables Map, telling me about projects I have missed, more recently offering active support.
The dusk till Dawn challenge asked for the data. Not only was the answer yes, but I converted the lat / long into a format that they could use.
Have I ever received a comment from a major energy company offering information, after all, they have the data from the horses mouth?   Now let me see …  Ah, NO!
But what is wrong with the major companies? Why are they actively against supporting a resource that they clearly value and use routinely?
They all claim to be increasingly sustainable, but when it come to information, well its not like the wind, somebody has to be behind it!

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