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Other websites I work with and support

www.solarkent.co.uk My own website detailing the way I have included alternative energy, recycling and insulation in my own home.

www.renewables-map.co.uk My own website, the most complete set of data on the locations and details of the various renewable and alternative energy projects in the UK

www.solaruk.com Specialists in the use of solar energy.

www.waterlink.co.uk South East Water’s  water specialist

www.pesticide-residue-testing.com A web site specialising in pesticide residue testing services

www.water-testing.eu A web site specialising in the provision of water testing services

11 Responses

  1. I have been looking at your Renewable Energy Map today as I am preparing a presentation on energy saving and renewables for my local Rotary club. I am most impressed…..
    This is a great resource. I have found a couple of minor mapping errors but otherwise the info is absolutely great. If I had one request it would be for Anaerobic digestion power plants but I guess these would all be too small?

    • Anaerobic digestion power plants: Generally these are too small, also there is the challenge of finding the data. Generally I try to include all publicly reported schemes that are about 0.5MB or larger. Realistically this excludes just about all Solar PV as though the amount of solar PV generated electricity is growing and certainly not insignificant, it is made up of many small installations. However, in both cases, I am happy to include any generation where it is serving a public amenity, ie not a private home.

  2. Hi Solar
    My search engine found your map.
    Perhaps you may include Tidal Energy Devices under development? We have one or two in Lowestoft.
    Best regards
    4NRG Ltd

  3. Hi Well done on the website map of renewables. Of course it cannot cover small scale CHP for domestic use. Have you considered Fuel cell CHP sites I believe Woking council have a large one. I also tried the No 10 petition on feed in tariffs for fuel cells in particular.
    Which brings me to the question of wind power providing for separation of hydrogen by electricity and storage in powdered hydrate powders in low pressure bottles for subsequent use in a fuel cell, can this be done easily?. Will it provide consistent power in a small CHP installation at a farm shop which is off grid i.e.lots of money to connect .
    I would appriciate your comments coming from an experienced wind power user and aware of fuel cell technology.
    Thanks in advance
    Leigh Jackson

  4. I can testify that you are an expert at your field! I am in the process of launching a website soon, and your information will be very useable for me.. Gives Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business enterprise.

  5. Hi Simon, Impressive work! Just wondering, where do you source your data for waste energy plants?

    • Hi Parth

      Its a great deal of web research, a lot of cross referencing, a lot initially based on the nffo (Non Fossil Fuel Obligation) listings. The other source is news alerts.

  6. I’ve been looking on the page:

    I have tried to apply a corrective comment as follows:


    This installation, owned and operated by UU is a sludge gas engine, not a “biomass” fuelled power station. It could be argued that sewage sludge is a biofuel, but the common interpretation of biomass is vegetation used as fuel – crops, wood, trees etc.

    The Incinerator getting all the attention from locals was the proposal from Peel Energy, which, when I last looked had been refused planning permission.


    It’s great that you are covering the progress of projects, regardless of the viewpoint of those who view the site, but there is no send button after the spam filter, so I am resorting to sending in this manner!

  7. Hi Simon,
    I am a second year undergraduate student at the University of Sussex and am undertaking a project using GIS mapping. Our project is looking at where we could place a new wind farm in the UK, I found your map very useful and wondered if I would be able to access the map and download the data in order to use it in my GIS project.
    I would greatly appreciate it if this was possible.


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