Accuracy of the data

The data you will see on RM (Renewables Map) is certainly the most accurate available as a discrete set of data.

Sources of the Data

I use the following main sources to identify the existence of a project and then the details associated with that project.  Considering Wind Farms which generally get most attention.

The fact of a wind farm, proposed, agreed or being built will come from any of:  the developers website; DECC REPD; a news item; the planning portal (any of hundreds of Council’s portals)

Identifying the fact of an active wind farm or turbines is easier, the OFGEM list is pretty complete, but that’s where it stops, while it has an address, that only gives a clue to the correct location.

Exact Location: In all cases, the challenge is then identifying the exact location. All other resources appear to rely on the grid reference associated with the postcode, a simple look up. With RM, I will use the location shown on the planning application, or where I am adding an older project, maybe a satellite view from Google or Bing. (sometimes triangulating a series of street views). Some developers will include detailed information on location, maybe an aerial shot of a solar farm, most don’t.

Technology: With Wind Farms, I aim to include the make and model along with a cross reference to specs of the wind turbines used.  Over 99% of active wind farms or individual turbines listed (over 6,000) show the correct turbine along with hub height and exact location

Cross Reference RM / DECC / OFGEM : As each project is added, the corresponding REPD and OFGEM data is linked to it.  In the case of REPD, this only applies to projects over 1MW.

Detective Work

Throughout RM you will see a cross reference between RM data, DECC and OFGEM. Each data set can refer to energy projects by different names and capacities. Add to that challenge, when the same project is referred to as one name by DECC and totally different and multiple names by OFGEM.  The 50MW Drayton Manor Solar Farm is one of many examples, DECC calls it Drayton Manor, OFGEM  – actually its not OFGEM but the operating company – breaks the project down into The Oaks; The Beeches;  The Rushes; The Leys etc. Very confusing at 1st glance.

In all cases, I treat OFGEM data as definitive as it comes from the operator – otherwise they don’t get their ROCs

Availability of this data: The non paying user will now see only the fact of a project and an approximate location.  Currently unlinked DECC (REPD ) data and OFGEM data is available.

The subscribed user will see projects with all data visible and normally, local projects shown visually on the displayed map.

There is an option to subscribe to csv downloads. This allows the user to download data in bulk.


2 Responses

  1. I was searching for images of past solar farms I have commissioned (mostly SolarCentury as EPC) and those found on here are completely wrong in detail as to commissioned date & installed capacity ie Hoback (Cambridgeshire)

    • Hi Peter. I had let my blog sit for a while. Sorry that the commissioned dates are not as expected. I take the data from both restats and usually cross refernce with the installer’s website and or press reports where available.

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